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Case Study: Commercial Tent

Alantra was approached by a local manufacturing company in Sussex, NB, to help solve their office space issue. Commercial Tent wanted to expand office space but was discomforted by the idea of building a permanent office structure in a space that would prevent future growth of the plant. 

What other options are available?

Aside from traditional stick building, modular building is effective, productive, and can reduce costs. Modular construction provided the perfect answer to Commercial Tents future growth concerns.

The Solution 

Alantra Leasing was able to provide a customize modular office complex that enabled the company to build a temporary structure in their desired spot with the ability to relocate should they need to expand. Alantra connected the complex to their manufacturing plant with a modular breezeway equipped with locker space for employee storage.

But what if Commercial Tent needs more office space? 

Should they outgrow their office space, Alantra will be able to accommodate by simply adding a new unit to their current structure. The great thing about this design is that it can be expanded, reduced, and relocated should there be a need.